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Razer Nabu X Smartband

Presenting the Razer Nabu X,smartwear for everyday with a host of fun and intuitive features. Discreet notification system with vibrations and LEDs, activity tracking with a precise accelerometer and alogs. If you want you can wear the Razer Nabu X whole day long. It is water resistant for your adventures. Nabu X features includes band-to-band communication capability, social discovery, data exchange, multiplayer gaming and more. The Nabu X’s open development platform allows third-party app developers to harness the power of the smartband to create new and delightful apps for you to have fun with.

Nabu X Apps

Nabu X notifies via a gentle vibration, of incoming calls, texts, emails and other app alerts, without distracting you in the moment. 3 LEDs light up in either red, blue, or green to denote specifically whether you’re receiving a call, alarm, or app alert. With the accompaniment Nabu X Utility app, customize the colors to match incoming notifications, so you always know what exactly you’ve received.

The built in accelerometer & algos tracks your activity and tells you how much far you’ve walked, slept for, how many more calories you need to burn to the goal you have set for yourself. Nabu X app marketplace is filled with fitness apps you can download which help you in tracking and to view your tracked data.

Nabu X notifications

The Razer Nabu Xis a social wearable. Two or more Nabu wearables in a specified proximity can automatically exchange tags, which can be used by third-party apps to help users make new friends, discover people with similar interests, play multiplayer games in real life, and more

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