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FireFox 52 Linux OS

Sound Issues with Firefox 52 for Linux OS?

If the reports are correct the latest version of Firefox browser on Linux OS has issues with sound. The latest 52 Version has been released last week and then on wards people are flooded with the issues they are facing with this version of Browser.

People say Mozilla has stopped supporting Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA), because of this the audio is not playing in the browser. To make it work Linux users must install PulseAudio library, this will enable audio playback inside firefox browser.

Mozilla was supposed to put it in the change log of the new version, but it failed to do so. As there was no warning of the people got panicked of not getting sound inside the browser. People are hitting back at Mozilla for not warning them regarding this problem, many will skip the update to avoid the sound issues.

People have sent requests to mozilla engineers to continue their support to ASLA with which the audio playback issue be sorted out, but they recieve a SORRY message from the Mozilla. Not a good news right?

How to Fix it?

1) Download PulseAudio library

2) Downgrade Firefox browser to previous version

3) Install another browser

More Bad News for Linux Users:

Some sources at Mozilla informs that FireFox version 53 will be released next month and it will not support the Linux OS for Processor older than AMD Opteron & Pentium 4. Why Mozilla, Why? Many Linux users are not happy with the developments happening at FireFox level and it is main reason for many to shift to another browsers.

Every one Loves FireFox browser. With vast plugin base you can play around and do many tasks with ease. But with the latest trends at FireFox suggests many will for sure leave the browser for the good and get a new one. Is it the right time for FireFox to re-think their strategy?

Are you a FireFox user on Linux OS? What is your opinion on the latest developments? Put your thoughts in Comment section.

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